How to post pictures to the forum using the internal image host

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How to post pictures to the forum using the internal image host

Post  HQVAN on Thu 15 Aug 2013, 7:42 pm

This is a 'how to' on posting pictures to the forum using the internal image host 'servimg'

To insert a picture in your post, locate the 'Host an image' icon located along the top of the post window:

When you click on the icon a second window will pop up:

Click on the 'Browse' button and select the picture from your files that you want to insert:

Once you have selected the picture, click on the 'open' button.  That window will close and now your file will appear next to the 'browse' button in the previous window.  Now click on the 'Host it' button:

You will have to then wait for a few moments as the picture is uploaded to the image hosts server.  When the upload is finished a new window will open up that appears like this:

Press the 'copy' button located to the right of the 'Image url' file path or right click and select copy.  Then press the 'Insert Image' icon located to the right of the 'Host an image' icon.  A new window will open:

Right click and paste the copied file path into the 'URL' window and then click 'Insert'.  The image will then be inserted into the post window and appear like this:

Now that the image has been inserted into the post you can hit the 'Preview' button to see how it will appear when you post it:

If you are happy with how it appears click the 'Send' button to post it to the forum.  If you want to post multiple pictures in the one post, simply press the 'Host an image' icon again.  The window with the file paths will appear again but just press the 'upload' button at the bottom of the window to return to the 'browse' window.
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Re: How to post pictures to the forum using the internal image host

Post  Rusty62TransAm on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 1:14 pm

Thanks Karl.

Well done!


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