VAN 186

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VAN 186

Post  fc59 on Fri 20 Sep 2013, 9:20 pm

spent the arvo putting the twins back on bluEJay got her firiing again cheers 

then i went down the shops for dinner mmmmmm kebab

any way i was waiting in the van when a lady in a territory parks next to me she gets out and wonders around the car then knocks on the window i say g day and we start having a chat about vans and how her husband had his for 25 years

then i spot the plates on the territory van 186

any way it turn out her husband passed away a few months ago after she mentoned that she started to get a bit emotional clearly the van was bringing back memories seeing that she wonted to go into the shops i let her go

but i didnt catch her name or her husbands or the name of the van all i got was the plates

VAN 186 she was saying it was a HG i think she mentioned i was just wondering dose any one have a photo or any info id like to know more about the van

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Re: VAN 186

Post  panoz78 on Fri 20 Sep 2013, 9:40 pm

If I'm thinking of the same one Dean it's a mid nite blue
Hk-g it lived out this way on acreage many many years ago.
Rear guards flared out and bubble rear window
Couldn't tell you much more as it was nose in under a carport.
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