3D printing

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3D printing

Post  fc59 on Tue 21 Jan 2014, 9:51 pm

after working out how to drive the cnc plasma cutter at tafe and learning a bit of auto cad on the way
when i herd about 3d printing i thought i need to know more any way i ended up pulling my 2D cad skills to 3D

i started to design a replacement dash knob as some where back down the line some one thought it would be a great idea to drill a hole in the dash and use a toggle switch for something i don't know it wasn't connected when i bought it and it has always bugged me
i was going to cut a choke cable knob down and drill and try to tap the 50 year old bakerlite but after some inspection the original design of the knob wouldn't leave me with a high chance of success

so i designed a replacement to fit a push pull switch sent it off it turnd up last week and i painted and fitted it

this is pre fitting just to compare to the original to the printed one not bad considering it was my first attempt of drawing in 3D

after that i am thinking of buying a 3d printer i can think of a hole host of things that can be designed and sold at a profit
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