Short Stories Wanted for Van Nats Program

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Short Stories Wanted for Van Nats Program

Post  Rusty62TransAm on Fri 21 Mar 2014, 6:58 pm

The Van Nats Organisers, UTEZNVANZ are after some stories for their Van Nats Program.  Their request is as follows:

Wanted - Short vehicle stories....
To be added to our club mag and nats program for this event.
Can be memories from way back or recent events.
Happy... Sad... Good... Bad.... even embarrassing if you are game!
Van stories, Ute stories, Wagon stories, Sedan stories....
All wanted.
Please keep to 100 - 200 words and send them via private message to our club wall or van nats page on WasteBook (facebook) or email direct to
If you have a few - send them all. Just keep them family rated please.
Got a pic of it - send it to and if room will be added to story...
Publishing will be at the discretion of the club and in accordance to space available in each publication. Deadline to send in is 24.3.14.
Please roll them in asap... Thanks

Please get the stories rolling in. Still only a few received.... Thanks to those who have sent them in but we need more please. They do not have to be a nats story and do not have to be written by an entrant. You can still send one in even if you cant make it to our event. We are just looking for interesting stories that involve vehicles somewhere along the line.

It could be a story on some unusual vehicles you had for a wedding. Even a break down or getting bogged. Can be a story of something on a pushbike... As long as it involves something that helps you get from one place to another it is what we are looking for.

For other details please see the post further down our wall. Please roll them in!

Thanks Smile

Hope that you can help them out.

I've sent in four from Our Very SUCCESSFUL Van-Ins!


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