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Post  Mully on Mon 21 Apr 2014, 9:00 pm

For those at the Van Nats on the weekend, here is the answer directly from the Matt Harris on the VCV Facebook page.
For those not at the Van Nats, I asked the following question.
"How can a van with CLUB REGISTRATION win the Best Work Van trophy and could someone clarify what defines a Work Vehicle?"

Simple rule. If it has permanent or semi permanent sign writing promoting a business it is classified as a work vehicle. No one has the time to check all vehicle regos, especially when do many have fake plates for show. A promotional vehicle on restricted reg is still a work vehicle even if only used for promotional events as advertising. In most cases the company pays the bills and vehicle is used for "business" as recognised by the ATO. Hopefully that answers the question? Matt Harris
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Post  Rusty62TransAm on Tue 22 Apr 2014, 1:34 pm

As the eyes of the world watch our comments and actions I ask that everyone remains positive and accepts the Judges decision as it was made on the day as final.

I'm locking this topic so it remains as a record of the outcome and ask all who read it to let sleeping dogs lie, whether we agree or not.

I also take this opportunity ask you to remember that your comments and actions reflect on all Members of Majestic Vanners Australia.

Anyone disrespecting the Club Colours disrespects ALL who wear it!


Feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss further. I've spent many hours defending the Club rightly or wrongly for unnecessary comments made by Members and people who aren't Members, but are labelled as Members to put the Club in a position of ill repute by those who know no better.

If you have a grievance I ask that you think it through and remove personal feelings from your comments. Talk to other Members to get a broader view.

Unfortunately there are too many out there, outside the Club, who like to load the gun and point it in our direction for someone else to Fire.


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