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Movies with PANO'S!

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Movies with PANO'S! Empty Movies with PANO'S!

Post  vantom Tue 24 Jul 2012, 3:34 pm

Has any one see'n 'Midnight Spares'? an aussi movie made about 1980!(the coppers are drive'n round in XD's)ther's a bunch ov pano's in it. the main charictor drives a HZ-J! the machaic drive's a XB Pano. & if you keep look'n in the back ground you will see a heap of Pano'z get'n around! same as 'FJ Holden',(also an aussi movie)(copper's are drive'n val's)ther 's a koooll EJ Pano in that one aswell! and the same aplys to it to,if you keep look'n in the back ground,you'll see a bunch ov Pano's get'n about! 'RUNING ON EMPTY', the famous CONCORD is in that movie(XB?)( again,copper's are drive'n XB's). A new three part series has come out on ABC tv called 'WIDE OPEN ROAD' a great history on kahz in aust. at ABC shops for $29.99! its a great buy. it also has a bit about the famos aussi pano's. (& what our,(well my gen)parants got up to in them!)
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