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Qld majestic vanners facebook group.

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Qld majestic vanners facebook group. Empty Qld majestic vanners facebook group.

Post  Al510 Sat 18 Jan 2020, 10:09 pm

Just wondering what the go is with the qld majestic vanners facebook page changing ? Apparently too many non vanners? I haven't been part of this scene for a while, but is the group really about excluding people now?

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Majestic Vanner. Proud, Passionate and Paid Up!

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Qld majestic vanners facebook group. Empty Re: Qld majestic vanners facebook group.

Post  Rusty62TransAm Mon 20 Jan 2020, 8:40 am

Gidday Al

Our Aim is to Promote and Encourage Vanning; and to welcome Vanning Enthusiasts to participate.

As with all things in life there are those who become actively involved in a positive way, those who follow along and those who just want to upset others.

Unfortunately, on FaceBook (and occasionally on here) it seems to be a Sport for some, to upset others and create divide.

Sometimes the comments are innocent, but come off the wrong way, as it is difficult to judge emotion or intent in the written word. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, expressing it can be a problem if done thoughtlessly and with no consideration of how it may make others feel. Some are downright rude and invite conflict. It can be difficult to manage, but we try our best.

In an attempt to keep out the "Trolls" we have put a few questions in place on our FaceBook Groups that people are required to answer when they ask or are invited to join our pages.  The Administrators will make a judgement on the answers to these.

It takes a lot of personal time for the Administrators of the pages to manage them.

We are hopeful this will contribute to keeping our FaceBook Group Pages a Friendly and Welcoming place to be.


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We have Chapters in Qld, NSW, Vic, SA and WA.  Club Rego available in QLD, NSW, Vic & SA.
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Qld majestic vanners facebook group. Empty Re: Qld majestic vanners facebook group.

Post  jazzel Mon 20 Jan 2020, 10:40 am

Hi Al, i also messaged you on facebook, outlining why we have done what we have. All you had to do was go onto the new page and answer a couple of questions which would of resulted in you being accepted onto the page. We are not excluding genuine vanning people or enthusiasts., or future vanners. That was never our intention. We have also implemented the question for approval system on the main page, as have most of the individual chapter pages. Sadly it is just a sign of the times.
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Qld majestic vanners facebook group. Empty Re: Qld majestic vanners facebook group.

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