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Post  splitty Thu 22 Dec 2022, 11:00 am

G,day everybody,
My name is Gary and have recently acquired my XB panel van after trying for 10 years of pestering the old bloke that has owned it since he was 18 . The van has been shedded for nearly 25 years just around the corner from my home . It runs a 250 2v motor .It was i believe a member of the Warragul Van Club back in the 1980,s. To get it roadworthy was new tyres /wheels /and i also renewed booster /master /rotors /callipers etc etc to make it safe . Tha van will stay the way it is with a new roof lining to go in after xmas then rebuild the rear interior. I am also a Holden man with a FB sedan all finished and a FC station wagon build in progress running SBC 350 / 350 turbo combo. Thanks for the add and I look forward to learning as much about xb fords as I do holdens .

Gaz  ( Splitty )


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Post  sinbin Fri 23 Dec 2022, 10:59 pm

Hey Splitty,

All sounds right up my alley. I'm also into early Holden's and Vanning.
Love to see some pictures of your panno and also your Holden's. Got to love an old Wagon.

All very cool.

Regards, Smooth Cool

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Post  Rusty62TransAm Wed 04 Jan 2023, 11:12 am

Welcome Aboard Splitty! welcome

Well done on the Purchase of your XB. job Perserverance certainly pays off. thumbsup congrats

I look forward to finding out more about your Rides and hopefully seeing some Pics.


Twisted Evil chev    


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 New to vanning Empty Re: New to vanning

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