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XE Panel Van

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XE Panel Van Empty XE Panel Van

Post  GJR.E Mon 20 Mar 2023, 12:22 pm

Hi to all, I'm new but my van's not. I decided to restore the XE because I had had the ole girl since 88 and the amount of dogs and kids that had enjoyed a day at the beach and a few overnights at the Gold Coast Spit was always in my memory.
The days when two dogs and three grandkids could pile in the back and all fight over who sit's on the spare tyre is long gone, but so are the dogs and the grandkids travelling with grandad.
The XE's a bit of a mix around with a 351 V8 and C4, 9" diff and discs all round. Don't know who or when but I always liked it. Front bench seat has been changed now to two single XR seats for better comfort. Re painted and upholstered it suits me fine just for weekend work and touring.

There is a part I have finally managed to find, as my originals were broken, and it's the two red reflectors under the rear lights. Some vans seem to have them but most don't. I know they are original as they clip in to special square holes punched into the panels.

What models had these? and are they common.

Thanks. GR


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XE Panel Van Empty Re: XE Panel Van

Post  Rusty62TransAm Mon 20 Mar 2023, 1:36 pm

Welcome Abord GR! welcome

That is a Great Story you have there and it sounds like a very Good Setup. There wouldn't have been many that came out of the factory with those options.

Hope that you can join us on some of the Runs down your way. Unfortunately Facebook has taken a Toll on the Forum, as most Runs are advertised on there. Feel free to join us on there as well: MVA Qld Page on WasteBook

That is an interesting thing about the Reflectors. We have quite a few Ford Guys in the Club. Hopefully you'll get to meet a few.

Feel free to post up some Pics.


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