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Ute Register Index Empty Ute Register Index

Post  QUP on Tue 22 Jan 2013, 4:14 pm

The Ute Register combines show names and Model/make and is sorted alphabetically.

To search the post click the Ctrl button with F key (for find) and type in a word you are looking for. Try show names, owner name, make, model, colour or registration number. If you cannot locate a Ute you are searching for then please start a new thread and ask members for information.

Since there are not that many utes then all utes listed in this forum will be added to the register.
Please also let us know of any typos, mistakes or further information like show names, make/models to update the registers. Posts will be removed when they are addressed to keep the Registers clean and post free (Ute Register Index thread only).



ALTERED STATE – Holden HQ, Greg Watt


BLOWN SILLY – Holden, Greg Carlson


Dodge – 52 De soto step side conversion

Dodge – Black, Troy

Dodge VG – White, John B


El Camino – Green, Sam Midgley


Ford XF – Cream and Black

Ford XK – green, Brad

Ford XL – White


HALF BREED – Holden HQ, Cathy & Lindsay Gunston

Holden – Black tonner, David Barry

Holden – Blue, Steve

Holden – Blue/Silver Coupe Ute

Holden – Green/Gold tonner step side, Ron

Holden – Red

Holden – Red Monaro Ute, Siggy Veit

Holden – Silver/Black suicide doors

Holden – Silver/Grey

Holden – Torana Utes

Holden – Yellow Sandman

Holden EH – Blue/Grey, Brad

Holden EH – Red, Gaz

Holden HJ, blue

Holden HJ – Black, John Zeigler

Holden HJ, Yellow, Jon Smoother

Holden HJ – White

Holden HQ – Chrome Yellow Sandman

Holden HQ – Purple, Jon Smoother

Holden HQ – Teal, Rob Burns

Holden HQ – White tonner

Holden HX – White, Gaz

Holden HZ – Black

Holden HZ – Black twinthrottle EFI conversion, Matt

Holden HZ – Coupe ute, Doug Waters

Holden HZ/HX – Green Sandman, Allan Turner

Holden HZ – Red tonner, Phil

Holden HZ – White, Evan

Holden HZ – White Sandman, Rob Burns

Holden VK – Golden

Holden VZ – Silver Storm

Holden WB – Black, Greg Carlson

Holden WB – Green tandem tonner

Holden WB – Blue/Grey, Ben

Holden WB – White tonner

Holden WB – White tonner, Rhino


KILLER HQ – Holden HQ, Green


NHANCE – Holden EJ, Blu


PNKBIT – Holden HQ


RAT – Holden HQ, Jon Smoother


TOOOOO MUCH / TANGERINE DREAM – Holden, John Clifton / Kustom Image

Ute Register Index 450
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